Types of Advertisements That Are Prohibited On Snapchat

News 05:07 July 2024:

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An increasing number of marketing companies today are eager to promote their goods and services on the Snapchat social media platform. For the advertisement campaign to be successful, you will need to actively look for more Snapchat followers; hence grow your readership. Again, you also need to understand that there are certain goods and services that are prohibited on this platform. Some of the goods and services that may not be advertised on the Snapchat platform include:
• Smokeless tobacco, cigarettes, cigars as well as other tobacco products.
• Adult services and goods, excluding contraceptives.
• Any product, conduct or enterprise that is illegal.
• Pyramid schemes and Get-rich-quick promotions containing deceptive information.
• Ammunition, weapons, firearms and their accessories.
• Services and products intended at selling counterfeit goods
• Recreational or illegal drugs
• Services and products that have bypassed copyright protection, including cable signal descramblers and software.
While you may be eager to attract more Snapchat followers and promote your goods and service on this platform, you also need to ensure that what you are marketing is allowed on the platform.